Friday, December 9, 2016


Stroll over to and check out works completed and works pending.There are at least five other pending projects not listed there including an Operatic Record and a Musical Theatre Collection. SO
Let me know your opinions about KICKSTARTER. We'd like to get these projects done but I'm not so great and self-promotion or begging. And with this I simply ASK:
We (the band, studio cats and players and various producers and engineers) figure we could do about 6 big records a year if the money was in place. That'd be 7 hours of music a year for the next how ever long we get to be on this great planet. And the though the seeming public continues to pirate music, I still believe personally in a "no compromise" with regard to paying these world class musicians top dollar. That's why these projects are at a stand still. SIDE NOTE: This past week a FAN told me she was going to donate to our project page for the gift of my CHRISTMAS RECORD. In good faith I went ahead and forwarded her a link not only to "GOD SO LOVED" but to 4 of my albums. She thanked me and never bothered to pay for one album. God love her! (Hi five to all you "FANS" who repeatedly do this to me and many other artists. I'm seriously glad the music is getting out there.)
Ai ya yai. Digress Josh DIGRESS! :)
I still believe in this business of making music. My friend Gloria Gaither called me and we were discussing the like, piracy and the state of the commonwealth. She being a STEINBECK scholar (for real) said, "Joshua, YOU work for the GREAT PATRON. Show up for the work, you will be provided for. She was right. She is right. Exactly right. AND this continues to be the case.
PROMISE: I will do my best to keep the faith.
In return, if YOU like what I'm doing, give me a little shout out below and let me know your take on all of it and as to whether you think a KICKSTARTER campaign would be worth the effort. Love you people.

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R Hall said...

Greetings (Mr. Payne, Joshua, JP, jP... feeling uncertain which appropriate)

at last I have found a path for contributing, purchasing, buying, donating... (whatever one wishes to call it) to your work. The Paypal Donate button AT THE BOTTOM (don't make it easy do ya) of this Blogger page. I recall stumbling on your Bloggr journal long ago but never revisited. didn't recall a PayPal donate then.

anyways... every now and then (mostly 'round down time or holidays) I check in to see how your work is progressing and whether anything new I can be inspired by, cry to, or simply just enjoy. Just recently landed on your (new?) leeroybrownmusic SoundCloud library. I SOOOOOO wanted to buy, purchase, pay for many of these but, alas, NO conduit available.

I understand you have your own past issues, struggles (and successes) in/with "the biz" of music. As one of those "public" members who HAS ALWAYS desired to honor and 'pay for' your art and work, it is frustrating when you provide no easy mechanisms for doing so. (easy, direct, convenient, effortless are the keys here for the "seeming public." While 'piracy' shall always continue (and has always existed), we also know nowadays that people WILL PAY & DO PAY, just our world of artist-patron transacting today is not what it used to be. Cory Doctorow's "Information Doesn't Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age" is a fascinating ready and study if you might ever stumble upon it.

For the record, a PayPal donation is incoming in thanks, honor, appreciation for "Stars are on my side," "Apres un Reve," "O Holy Night."

And, yes, whether its "Kickstarter", iTunes, Amazon Music, Paypal (whatever)... if there's a direct, easy, mindless, don't have to think about it mechanism for patrons to 'patron you' then I think you might see something change. It is not "begging" or "self-promotion" and if you're "not so great at it" fine, then hire/barter/secure someone to do for you. It'll be the test of your "no compromise" ethic and applied in respect of other working professionals.

Anyways... thank you for the past 12 years of inspiration, comfort, solace, and a place to go retreat to when feel need for comfort and healing.

Best wishes for coming new year. May you continue to flourish in your life and work. I look forward to stumbling across future works.