Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm going to tell you something. "Run to the roar." Older lions aren't fast enough to do anything but scare antelope. They scare them away and right into a line of younger, faster lions. Moral: Pain roars. Face it. Turn right to it and face it. Do not run away from it. Running from pain is like running into death. Running from pain equals a lifetime of solitude. And a life alone, is a sure death. When someone says, "You should work on this about yourself, or you might consider.." Face the pain and work it takes to be better. Friends willing to speak to, at, about our foibles and our pain are truly friends. Growth is painful. Heartbreak is painful. I walk thru that dark valley and fear not. I am surrounded on all sides by friends. I do not have to be alone.
jP 2011