Monday, September 26, 2011

Joshua Payne | One Pass (The Work Tapes) , Vol. 1 | CD Baby

Joshua Payne | One Pass (The Work Tapes) , Vol. 1 | CD Baby

i made one pass at the newest tunes.. they were coming in waves.. and in the time i spent losing, i sang to and into the void. when the height of your longing redirects your words and your weeping into song, the spirit of those moments are the realest they will ever be so in some sense the switch becomes the brush and the microphone the canvass - its a mad blur of color and accidents, beard scratches, foot stomps, page turns and sweat. it is the immediate past rendering a fervor that would never have existed otherwise and somehow the imperfect somehow becomes the truth.

i was a visual artist before i was musician and i never asked permission to paint. these songs, these vignettes into my life are no different. i hang them on walls and release them to the world just as they are, foibles and all.

franz schubert release some 200 published songs in his 18th year of life. seems to me the 12 song system is broken - releasing 1 record every 2 years, the age of these parameters is over.

from now on, i'm releasing everything i write, and if these work tape versions hold the self same spirit of truth as the one pass volumes, what then would be the point in ever repainting them? are they not already hanging in the halls of collegium?

jP '08

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Truth About Unfermented Soy and Its Harmful Effects

Soy is NO substitute! Read this in its entirety and embrace the whole article. Write down the ailments that sound like something you or your spouse or children might be suffering from. Then lay off the soy for three months. See if it relates then do the math. Do the work. Do good for your body. You only get one turn at life.

jP 2011