Thursday, September 30, 2010

to do

useful.. its days like these, i want to come, and take your lists of things, to quietly fulfill, working in the cracks, to see you offer one single sigh of relief from your tired anxious breasts. come rain. the magnet pulls in sunlight.
jP 9.30.10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

voices of dogs

(click to enlarge photograph)

when there are beans, there are poor people
eating them in the sheds south of the water.
they are destined to struggle. they will die
in the city of their birth.

dogs like buddy don't come around but once
in an age, and he'll tell you the secrets of time-
the things that went missing since he was here
the last time, and you'll die to know that he will
soon be gone while you are living on

i used to grow them in my yard to taste
and remember the shoes i wore holes thru by night.
nothing would tag the innocent children of poverty
like the rags they put back on.

dogs they don't care. i am animal, i am man, i am
the sweltering heat of the pavement south of the water.
the life of happiness is nothing but loving to be loved
and the gross part of humanness is seen echoing
in the voices of dogs, complaining about their beans.

jPayne 2000something

(photo by jP sept 2010)

Monday, September 13, 2010


we choose to need. we choose to depend or we choose to be alone. leave me on the other side of the world without her and i will relish the time it took to get there; the plane ride where she almost believed that i would love her for all of eternity.