Saturday, December 10, 2016

for Buddy (and the Black one)

for Buddy (and the Black one)

WE exist in planes, as planes
stratum of artificial madness
mattering only to our God
who lovingly (perhaps)
regrettably re-planes us.

You've heard of me
no bread of numbness
dumbs down that pain
by which His hand succumbs.

I have heard You
on your bedroom, teary
the sleeping coming-morning
wrestling-carving, intervening:
She …

She is a light and dark
altogether she is might
her likeness but a rubber lip
on the edge of neighboring time

See the way the light
chases down inside,
the cornea of her liquid amber eye?
The flecks of red and violent silver
bend the marble into sky.

She sits the sunlight of her youth,
knowing what is coming after.
Still all is mirth and squirrels
a rabbits chase into the dower.

I know she sees You.

She's been so close.
All 'round her is that death.
She flexes fast and bawls with joy
proud sinews do the rest.

Companion blonde,
The boy hung star lays cold.
His friends, the men, bring fire and julep,
To celebrate the waking old;
the coolness of his day,

I know he knows.
"Don't break my love, don't break.
Don't worry boys within, without,
my spirit grows …."

My Left
He is my watch and constant stand.
He knows the job though I know not
the crown of thought he comprehends

That thought has seen my life protect
And to it's end,
With quarter hind and quarter movement
pack, to, fro
inherent bend.

He rises in my arms and sleeps there also
My puppet cricket bee my doff my fearless partner.

She claims the space he easily resigns
She moves in knowing it-is all because
He tenders to her kind -

Her past, the horror-dark she tastes and still pretends
Our mirth will last forever
That hope is but an end
That all will be together never aged;
never wending waning-dawning
these autumnal pages.

Hail Buddy! Sage! Sifu-
Tolerant spirit.
To Mamma Black, her heart
and to the way she tests us.

Bring us round and right expose
exactly whom we bought;
For whom,
And who exactly
we are not.

To the mirror eye, though often so unkind to me,
Find Buddy, ever joyful, ever able, clear unchanging.
Dog my God redeeming ever his mankind
Surely, he hath shown again Messiah.

Ever Alpha and Omega,
ever light unwavering,
And as ever, soft as water, ever
Strong as bended breaking.

Winter light folds in.
He faces brave.

She hides beside him
ever slave.

Ever kin:

She is at last my Darling, thing
And He
forever mine,
my peerless, peerless friend.

Joshua Drew Payne December 10, 2©16

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