Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bless your water

water, water, water, water, water. we don't get enough. so here's the tip of the week: this is a picture of my watch. its a timex ironman. go get one. set the timer to go off every hour. when it goes off, drink 6 ounces of purified h2o. don't sip it for next ten minutes, drink it all right there!! (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). at the bedtime hour drink 12 ounces. wait for it. now, when you get the urge to visit the restroom, please do. voila!! time for bed. tomorrow? repeat! you'll be up very early.. :) commit to this and you'll be glad you did. this simple regimen WILL change your life.

note: if you are thirsty in between hours, feel free to drink more h2o, BUT don't sip!!
pour a glass 4-6 ounces and finish it. no don't gulp it but do finish it. concentrate.
bless the water as you drink it and start listening to your body. it'll tell you how much it needs.
this IS the first step to tuning in to what your body is telling you. its saying, "i need water!"
more to come.

Monday, June 21, 2010

tip for ..

a blog should be helpful. so i'm gonna be helpful. 1 health-
diet tip a week, or month or... no results jargon, thats for you to come up with and i hope you'll share the results with me. these are lifestyle choices i've made with regard to diet, wellness... follow my lead, give it a whirl, might be helpful you know? a blog should be helpful. did i say that already? stay tuned..

photo jP 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

never take on the offense of someone else without thorough investigation, no matter who it is.. wife, husband, best friend, son, daughter, doesn't matter. just don't do it. if they are wrong, you only support the fantasy they've dreamt up in their minds. are we not here to sharpen each other? why share in the delusions of people aching to support their own bitterness, stubbornness, etc. and for heaven's sake PLEASE play the devil's advocate when i'm itching for a fight. please work to determine the validity of my argument! if you love anyone at all you WILL do this! sure, its hard, but the opposite is seldom love. sure there is room for stepping away and finding silence for a moment, but a loved ones misapprehension is cause for shining a light in the dark place. seriously, the day we stop learning is the day i, you, someone we love dies!