Thursday, March 29, 2012


i'm sweating from the heat that started long before march
what miracle of earth
is this the new beginning of our end

when it rains the soaking plants steep and only smolder
the yellowing grass in dottie's yard is cut short
drought and dust bring ants like hot july

in pep boys we belly-ached and shook heads about the sun
80. muggy-ending summer-dreading winter
i hollered, "forget summer! wonder what spring will feel like."

my girl lost her father on the way to see him die
the road her only shoulder
doesn't tenderness transgress when grief is sudden

a careful friend on the east side texted asking me about her
even my response was a wound
"in a holding pattern. and the pauses in her steps
and the phrases of her sorrow are just begun."

jP 2o12 march 29
(photo jP march o12)

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