Friday, February 10, 2012

exploding rounds win over the right to bear a laptop

Dad blows up his kids computer!! well ok, he shoots it with a pistol! Pretty tight pattern too from 4 feet away: You all heard about this.. A 15-year-old girl puts up a Facebook post railing on her parents for making her work "too hard." Thinks blocking parents will keep them from seeing it. SO, dad reacts by posting a video response to her grievances on her Facebook page (OUCH), and then proceeds to shoot her computer, nine times: in the head. Friends, teenage boys mostly, grieve the loss.

I read a few of the commets from the facebook forum and really I have nothing to add except.. Maybe he should have shot his daughter with an exploding round and kept the laptop. that people actually are upset over the loss of a laptop is sadder than a frail attempt at discipline. but parents beware. a last attempt at discipline is most always just that: the last attempt. if one messes up with a dog, one can always get rid of said dog. if one messes up with a child, well.. this father is angry at two people and the first one is himself. the child is secondary. "making her world harder" may be in order. at least he has consigned to "keep" his daughter. tough love is as tough as it must be but it is never received in anger. humility will win the day someday. proverbs does not say when the child is young they will not depart from the training, it says, "when the child is old."
jP 2o12

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