Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ode to joy

intuition breaks apart
copies rights thine ilk kept safe
the laws of moses waning dart
on land an immigrant hates

to pet thee in the morning light
was any thursdays rev'rie
that two-like child reared intertwine
mid roar of fond forgetting

confinement bruises fervor side-
irons shotgun usury war
all 'board abetting on despite
the progress-nest of cancer

forty ages grow impetuous
forward leaning in the mind
when metal falls against it
smoothing dodges gently lie

revoke, burn green thy pages
farthings, comets worsening yet
munitions silently assuage
the bombshells in thy bed

sweetly weeping turning-
feeding hard against thy bowl
gorilla, breathe, thou mine own heart-
break warm outside the looming dark
come infiltrating joy

jP 2010

photo: mmckee

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