Thursday, July 29, 2010


i love you for the child in my mind, time-tethered traditions, no
the ageless wonderment we knew forgiving in the throws
of matchmaking of dowry sets of debutants and lines
we river grasses forged in rock by making love and wine

giving birth in this new age, give meaning to these signs
relieving duty of a name tired faces grieved behind
the masks we cast, cast in that fire and consummate the bed
for children we adopt an aging kindred soul instead

for children we move earth to claim the wrecking ball it bled
for the child, we build upward eaves on holdings finally kept
for the little girl, sing lost dreams of peace sad doubt thought to forget
in joy we ever come
the wedded couple of
monteagle, our dear homestead

jP 7.28.2010

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