Friday, June 4, 2010

never take on the offense of someone else without thorough investigation, no matter who it is.. wife, husband, best friend, son, daughter, doesn't matter. just don't do it. if they are wrong, you only support the fantasy they've dreamt up in their minds. are we not here to sharpen each other? why share in the delusions of people aching to support their own bitterness, stubbornness, etc. and for heaven's sake PLEASE play the devil's advocate when i'm itching for a fight. please work to determine the validity of my argument! if you love anyone at all you WILL do this! sure, its hard, but the opposite is seldom love. sure there is room for stepping away and finding silence for a moment, but a loved ones misapprehension is cause for shining a light in the dark place. seriously, the day we stop learning is the day i, you, someone we love dies!


Tabby said...

Words of Wisdom indeed! You and I both know the damage this can do. But I am grateful that there is forgiveness for false accusations and also forgiveness for bitterness and hate toward those who hurt us. There is freedom in amends. My heart was hardened once but is now soft as clay due to the fact that God uses ALL things for good for those love Him and are called according to his purpose. I am thankful for your heart on this subject and excited that you are raising the awareness of codependency! Even though we love someone, doesn't automatically make them right about everything!=)

thejoshuapayne said...

great comment on my blog page!! thanks so much for taking a minute to say these things. YOU are quite the writer as i remember and your comments add again another great angle to pursue health and life and healing in the midst of turmoil via strained relationships. bless you for this!
love love