Thursday, January 28, 2010


you know when i've listened to pop music i have, in the past gotten really annoyed. but something happened recently to up my appreciation for the here and now. there was a song that wasn't my favorite on the onset, and then i heard it covered! and boy, did it come alive! i thought, "something is wrong with me," and i set out to fix it! i decided to do the same - find a cover and make it something painfully current. so after a short search, i found the newest new. i chose a song by alicia keys and this was the start to something bizarre in my insides! as i begin to learn her lyric, and find my feel, i found myself somewhere else - somewhere i never thought i'd be - i was in alicia's shoes, i was feeling her! and wow, do i ever have room to grow!

seeing this change in me and feeling this new world, makes me, to quote my friend alison, " realize that i don't know much about life in general." im so happy for the expansion of a mind. i'm so happy for growth, in any form. my aversion to the latest pop music has only done one thing - put me out of touch with the world i'm living in. i was so far left i needed a compass to get back to center. a. keys - you, the guiding light, thank you.

here's a youtube vid of my latest find