Thursday, February 27, 2014

i got an email from cdbaby that said: "words you never want to hear when it comes to your music: 'i tried to add your music to a spotify playlist and it wasn't there.'"

if you know where i'm going with this you can stop reading now.

i love it when people hear me speak of "ordered steps" and belief systems and 9 times out of ten they always say, "oh where do you go to church?" and i get a tremendous amount of glee in my own response, "i don't go." a.k.a. did you just lock the bird of heaven in a cage of gold?

and so with spotify. let me say that those words: "i tried to add your new music to a spotify playlist and it wasn't there." this makes me happier than most things. this is music to my ears. and with tremendous amounts of glee i simply and exuberantly reply, "Wonderful!"

dear spotify and the so called big four advocates of performance royalty licensing who sold us out in D.C. a couple years ago so you could get into bed with the streaming triangle,
kindly piss off.


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