Monday, November 18, 2013

preaching to the choir..

My choir teacher used to say, "if you're gonna mess up, MESS UP LOUD!" so, we did! and we'd all look at each other and laugh when we messed up and we'd keep going and we'd work thru it, but we were a team and that mentality grew us. here's why. when you are afraid to mess up, you hold back. but when mistakes become unimportant, you can run, full tilt! and when you practice at full tilt, you will perform at FULL TILT! winning competitions was a no brainer for our little choir. we won everything! we took our performances to another level entirely! yes, practice makes perfect, but only when you relax and go all out. so today, be unafraid. GO FOR IT! and when you mess up, MESS UP LOUD! the mind will correct the foibles if you are easy on yourself, and the outcomes are limitless when you finally get out of your own way!
love you
jP today

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Rob Hays said...

Choir teachers really are such an extraordinary gift. I am still benefitting from the lessons taught by my mighty little Choir Director, Ms. Robison. She was amazing and my life is better because of her. Thank you for sharing your story, such a great lesson.