Sunday, October 7, 2012


so, sabbath rest. yes, that was yesterday. then what is today for? today is for gathering. gathering of family and hearts and like minds and starting the first day of the week off with a bang; getting ramped up and remembering who your God is and who is at the center of everything you put your hand to.

me, come 2 sunday, i love siesta. then after its show time. my domestic work day starts at three and i kick ass until around 7. laundry and cleaning, laying out and organizing and getting ready for Monday; what the rest of the world calls day one. check this out. I kid you not, i haven't had a manic monday in years because i don't wake up monday morning behind. my week started sunday. but come friday, first star, start again, and be done. the discipline to leave it until sunday is the offering.

take sabbath seriously. its for you. then watch sunday turn into something hopeful and productive. when monday rolls around, you will not miss a beat. promise. and all you evangelicals out there, get below Gregory. dude's whacked!

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(photo jP sept o12)

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