Saturday, August 11, 2012

dear people,
often, very very often, me and some writer or musician or artist are working late at my house and we're having so much fun that they just crash here and we start again in the a.m.. why is it that the following morning they say its the best night of sleep they've had in years?

can i say something without sounding like a weirdo? i've been without wifi for a many many moons. i had a theory about that stuff and it came on me like a breath and a revelation. i looked into it technically, confirmed my thinking and simply threw it out.

TODAY: i needed a converter so i tore an old router apart to see if i could disable the wifi and use it as an ethernet switch (by the way whomever came up with the word ethernet should win an award. that and the word verizon.. nice.). so i'm standing next to a plain old linksys router. i turn it on and i immediately, very immediately get a headache and get nausea. i was NOT looking for this to happen. i went into the other room pretty sure of what was going on but making real sure it wasn't something else. my chest got real tight but when i came back in and turned off the router its like someone stuck a pin on the pressure in my head and chest and stomach and slowly let out all the bad air. i think i really believe that common users are like frogs in cold water, and before they know it they are inoculated to this stuff because they are exposed to so much of it? its everywhere you know.

but there's another part of this and its that little gadget you carry around in your pocket called a wireless phone. its the same radiation. soft tissue doesn't heal from electromagnetic radiation. its hardens and then gets cancer like microwaved meat. and then they lop off some meaningful part of you in the name of modern medicine and "for the cure" gets another meaningless shot in the arm..

its like your buddy is standing on the tracks with a fast train bearing down on him.. he's listening to his wireless device and some doctor droning him with this "is the only cure" but you know better and from where you are standing, you are too late. you just can't get there in time, and thru tears you know it! you know he's cooked! fyi he's eating a big mac.

if you are having a hard time with this, i get it. i do. but think about it like this. someone just said to you, "this will kill you." and so you are certainly willing look into whatever that is, right?

i sigh. my cell phone has been on the back porch for three months as well. i got a land line. its tough and its unbelievably inconvenient. so is ethernet. but, but, but (exhale) i feel and have felt, and still feel every single day i feel it: some sort of great wash of peace in my life, like that kind of old farm peace when we had party lines and only about one thing really to do of a day, and we had chickens and gathered eggs and planted vegetables and we had a balanced community that was a neighbor or a cousin and not just a computer screen.

It is written: Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

so try it. really. don't be afraid. give it an honest try. and if you are still not convinced, that's ok. you can always just come sleep at my house. i'll be glad to have you.


and btw, when you come, please check your cell phone at the door. :)

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