Wednesday, June 29, 2011

that of a man

charged, man finds no fear of war
cries out venatical tantara
he offers nothing short of brave
defaces Dark's dim-narrow

calls loud upon the spirit beings
of old, those wielding iron
"crush helmets blind narcissus greed
break teething self renown!"

by cheek by jowl with roars of chest
and musk like sex endeavor
what heart can turn this man's full stride
of bow and staff and quiver

what noble creature dare take turns
this boy come man full story
the ready flex of shield on hand
hears gentlest threats of glory

there is but one eternal foe
can lay him trembling thus
erupt his conscious course
reduce him to the sniveling idiot

not death's dragoon nor siren sound
not famine, pestilent
just words, mere words from her he loves
the words, "i love you, but.."

no law was written banishing
these words outside his trust
dismantling his steadfast heart
erupting sacred dust

he weeps and crawls, a newborn babe
forgotten walks divine
his knees escape the forward thrust
come down like fresh cut vines

no venture, feat, triumph holds that
of one man's wanton wife
inherent root above all else
for this he forfeits life

jPayne june 29 2011

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