Saturday, January 1, 2011

read gently

optimism builds things the opposite could not, will not ever imagine. optimism is love. optimism is truth. optimism is loyalty and the inability to be inconvenienced. optimism has one fatal flaw. it slaps hard in the face of the hurting if not tempered thus: it must only be felt, not heard. it must radiate a modest heat and follow through gently with easy embrace. despite the blows and contest it receives, if given well, optimism is the fountain of youth and the heart of empathy and shared sorrow. in optimism we wake and we try. death and cursing ensue when one empties his glass.


(photo jP 2009 - click to enlarge)

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Elijah said...

This is so true, and the ability to expose or radiate truth is indicative of good writing. great writing. this here, man, is 'salt'. i thoroughly enjoy your stuff!