Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tooled by the Tool

Tooled by the wrong Tool.

The idea that Psychologist David Buss actually said the words "The science isn't in yet. Nobody knows" to a powerful thinker (Tai Lopez) asking powerful knowing questions about social media and narcissism is absolutely ludicrous and like many Drs I've encountered incredibly narcissistic. (Dr David, just because you don't know and are too dense to string together the obvious, and too arrogant to shut up, and step off, doesn't mean nobody knows. Just because you quantify the world in doctoral degrees and merits, again does not mean you know that nobody else knows. You can quote me on this: The science is in. You're looking in the wrong place. Start over.)

And then to Tai Lopez who I admire greatly:
No, I wasn't necessarily invited into the conversation but you asked us what we thought. Rhetorically I cant know but like I wrote to you via email, I thought it might be time for a willing lamb to actually get up on this empty soap box. Lord willing I will write a book or a library of books on the subject of this kind of denial, but in the meantime here's a pin prick at unwanted startling global truth.

Yes, Tai, The science actually is in but the correlation has not yet been made. Narcissism is a symptom that stems from addiction and the addict always denies he's addicted. Your doctor friend is wrong or he's lying; like the smoking doctor of the 60s refusing to make a correlation between lung cancer and cigarettes. Psychologist Patrick Carnes brings up an important and powerful point in his book Out of the Shadows when he outlines the phases of addiction and how quickly an addict moves through those phases given different and varying stimuli. My point about correlation has to do with an entire world of addicts suddenly destroying themselves denying the phone is a drug and/or that they need a cure and saying altogether there is no problem. I've worked in behavior analysis for more than half of my life and no study is new under the sun. For example: We know well what cocaine is and what part of the brain is targeted. We know well what blinking lights do to that very same area of the brain but because of our corporate obsession with speed and light and efficiency and a dollar driven greed we mistake for purpose, the little blinking lights reel us in. How does one cook a frog? In cold water. And by the time the pot boils the amphibian has no idea he's been cooked. Society has become what I call "auto reaching". Suddenly the ticking mechanisms of abused children are present in every man woman and child with phone or tablet. We walk around like Weimaraner's instead of powerhouses with keen ability and sharp focus. Instead something has captured our focus which is not even close to the same thing. The mindlessness of those auto responses; these ticks; these fragmentations; the auto reaching for our phones even when standing in one on one conversation with a warm body -- We give the person standing right in front of us, only the portion equivalent to one running text message in a very long cue of ongoing cybersations. No longer does man address man or give all of himself to what is in front of him. He mistakes community for an imaginary world on screen when the widow and orphan are right next door. No yogi was ever fragmented; no great man this dependent. We are lost to our desires and on the far reaching scale we are all what Patrick Carnes would call Phase 3 addicts; equivalent to the level of addiction known in serial killers. We are dangerously lost. Narcissism is unfortunately inevitable. You're asking the right questions Tai. You're just asking the wrong people.

Yours ever

Joshua Drew Payne 2017 Sept 2


This is what the LORD says: "Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls." But you reply, "No, that's not the road we want!"
Jeremiah 6:16

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